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Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. president obama is calling for direct talks between the two parties and sharing a vision for a peaceful future. two rockets launched from gaza hit southern israel thursday. the same day as president obama's visit to the west bank to talk about the stalled israeli-palestinian peace process. >> we cannot give up on the search for peace, no matter how hard it is. >> reporter: following earlier meetings with israeli leaders, he met with the president of the palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas. to discuss key sticking points in the peace process..including jewish settlements in the west bank. president obama stressed the need to achieve sovereignty for palestinians and security for israel. >> i hereby assert again that we are ready to implement all our commitments and obligations in order to provide for the requirements of launching the peace process and achieving the two-state solutions, palestine and israel. >> reporter: obama brought his vision for peace to a crowd of university students in jerusalem, pledging continued u-s supp
Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
minister benjamin netanyahu >> "this is our tenth meeting, we've spent more time together, working together than i have with any leader." >> reporter: palestinians not so happy at the show of love for the hard=line meet with west bank leaders tomorrow. the president may be on a roll in israel. his limousine, not so much. the heavily armored presidential vehicle known as the beast had to be towed away before obama even landed in israel. an official said it malfunctioned wednesday morning when its driver filled up using regular gas. instead of diesel. >> jacqueline: it has been a dreary day but not that impressive generally under one-quarter of 1 in. and even traces and other areas. palo alto under one-quarter of 1 in. and one 10th and oakland. a few hundreds of the rainfall totals and other areas. have and cloudy conditions in some of these other and location the pavement is still wet. another live look at the golden gate for the visibility and showers along the coast that will continue to persist. we have seen chilly conditions with the colder air. 55 and we are talking 30's with a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2